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Shop from my exclusive collection of beautiful, artist designed, natural themed home decor products! There are many stylish and colourful mixed prints and patterns to choose from! All graphic designs are original to and created by me, Jocelyn Ball. Hence, this means you are supporting a self representing artist, photographer and designer, and small business, not a big department store chain. A common theme that runs through all my designs is nature and the organic shapes and patterns that reside in that natural world that surrounds us all. One of my favourite design combinations is to juxtaposition natural textures and patterns against more man made and industrial inspired themes and influences. Therefore, you will be able to discover digitally created metal texture patterns paired with more natural abstract textures and patterns in many of my home decor product designs.

Browse my select collections of patterned throw pillows both indoor and outdoor. There is an array of bath decor including shower curtains and plush bath mats, plus vanity cabinet door drawer pulls. Add fresh new accents to a variety of rooms from my collections of unique, artist designed home decor products! If you see a pattern that you love, but not a product featuring that particular design, or a matching product, please feel free to inquire with me  about the possibility of the product you want being available with the design you like.

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