Animal Print Throw Pillow in Pink and Orange

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16"x16" polyester pillow: $39.95


16"x16" cotton pillow: $44.95


16"x16" outdoor pillow: $44.95


20"x20" polyester pillow: $43.95


20"x20" cotton pillow: $48.95


20"x20" outdoor pillow: $48.95

Product Description

A raccoon face. soulful brown eyes of the young animal stare out at you from the entire front of this unique throw pillow. Animals lover will thrill at receiving this throw cushion! Bring a little bit of the outside world, and its creatures, into your bedroom or living room. You will be keeping the consideration for our fellow living creatures, with whom we share this earth, always close to your heart and on your mind. The throw cushion's cover is removable with a discreet zipper on one side, for washing.

The story behind this raccoon face pillow goes like this. My husband and I are avid hikers and nature lovers. One of our favourite areas, east of Toronto, in the town of Whitby, is home to many birds and creatures. This little guy, fairly young at the time I photographed him, was one of those frequent residents of one of the conservation and bird watching areas we frequent, the spring of 2012. I reworked one of my images, slightly adding some graphic effects to the image, to create this print that I make available to you on this lovely cushion.

This raccoon face cushion is exclusive to me, and © Jocelyn Ball - Hansen. I shot and own the original image and have never licensed it to be sold by anyone else and if you see it being sold by anyone other than Natural Design or Jocelyn Ball - Hansen, on any major online shopping sites and shipped from Overseas, you can be assured you will not be getting the genuine article with the superior print and production quality mine is.

Product Specifications

Size and Details

  • square 16"x16" or 20"x20"
  • Vibrant print
  • hidden zipper enclosure and synthetic-filled insert included

Material Options

  • Polyester; simplex knit fabric; 100% polyester, wrinkle-free, beautiful color definition
  • Cotton; 100% grade A woven cotton, made from natural fibres, which may result in irregularities
  • Outdoor; 100% polyester, wrinkle free, mildew resistant, seams sewn shut, synthetic-filled insert inside


  • machine washable for the polyester and cotton options
  • Dry Clean or Spot Clean Only for the Outdoor option

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