Modern Gold Rings Black White Circles A-Line Dress

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Product Description

A modern gold rings with rough edges and swirled black and white circular shapes print a-line cut dress. Gorgeous, bold and chic! This original design of mine features digitally created gold and silver coloured graphic rings with rough edges and distressing texture in them. They over and under lap solid asymmetrical circles in black and white blended tones.

There is a unique story behind my modern gold rings and circles design, which began with the underside of a lid of a can of paint, which I photographed and created the black and white circles from. The gold rings I felt were a lovely modern compliment to the neutral colours in the design on a lined grey background. Smart and stylish for work, beautiful and comfortable for leisurely garden parties and get togethers.

Product Specifications

Size and Details

  • 100% Polyester woven dress fabric with silky handfeel
  • My original printed design covers entire front and back panel
  • Loose swing shape for an easy, flowy fit
  • Sublimation transfer technique prints crisp, bold colours
  • A-line Dress is fully constructed and printed in the USA


  • Easy to care for and keep looking new
  • Machine or hand wash your dress in cold water
  • Hang to dry is recommended for clothing to last like new longer (a 3 min regular tumble dry to soften can be done after)
  • Please do not bleach!

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