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Jocelyn of Natural Design by JocelynLearn more about how my shop, Natural Design by Jocelyn, was born, by reading below.

First, let me begin by welcoming you to my shop! By choosing to purchase a product on line from a store such as Natural Design by Jocelyn, you know that you are purchasing directly from a real, independent self representing artist and designer. You are not purchasing from a huge department store chain. In turn, you are participating in supporting small business and the arts! Thank you!

A graduate of The Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, I have remained a creative and artistic person since early childhood. As a painter, I lean towards traditional representational realism. I am most attracted to light, shadow, the play of light on a living or inanimate surface, dramatic contrasts, and organic textures. My subjects of choice come from basic simple surrounding life as well as the figure. This vein has been continued into my photography and graphic design.

Through my shop Natural Design by Jocelyn, you are able to shop from a select collection of home decor, apparel, and accessories. All products feature my unique, original graphic designs and photography. Each product is permanently printed, professionally and ethically, using the leading edge technology. The inspiration behind my designs comes from natural organic textures and patterns that myself and my husband, a Canadian contemporary realist painter, continuously see on our many hikes and local travels.

As an independent designer, I am grateful to be able to work with three wonderful and ethical manufacturing partners and print houses based in North America, who make it possible for me to have my original designs and photography reproduced onto a variety of home decor, apparel and gift products. When you purchase a product from my shop I receive your order then immediately submit your order to my manufacturing partner.  Your purchased product is printed especially for you, on demand. Your purchase is then shipped to you from either California, United States, or Montreal, Canada, depending on and specified by the particular item you purchased as well as in some cases, your location. 

You may feel free to reach out to me at any time with any questions before or after placing an order.

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