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Are All Photographs and Designs Your Own Work?

Yes. Every photographic image and graphic design on each product, I took the original photo or designed the graphic using Photoshop CS5 or other digital software, and all are my own protected original intellectual property.

Will my Printed Product Look Like the Picture?

The colours in the images of the prints and graphics on the products I offer are depicted as accurately as possible. Every piece I myself have ordered has been 99% to 100% accurate to what I see on my own screen. Please be aware that colours on a monitor may differ slightly from colours on a printed surface. Monitors differ in resolution quality as well as calibration, from monitor to monitor type. The main reason for this is that a computer monitor is a back lit medium, and everything will appear highly vibrant and saturated, whereas a surface such as cotton, which is not lit from behind by a light source, is more matte. Colours will be accurate but saturation and vibrancy may differ on the actual printed item. Photo and canvas prints however, are extremely accurate to what is shown on line.

May I Make Copies of a Print I Buy From You?

No. Please be aware that all images and their copyrights remain the property of myself, the original photographer and artist. Please inquire with me about licensing opportunities or wholesale pricing for resale, I am happy to work with you.

Do You Have Wholesale or Large Quantity Order Discounts?

Yes. Please reach out to me  with your specific request so that I may determine the pricing. Pricing is dependent on the product as well as which manufacturing partner fulfils those product orders for me. I then can give you a quote for total with shipping.

Do You Print on All Products Yourself?

No. I do not do any home printing. As a self representing artist, I create my images, and I am privileged to be able to be allowed the opportunity to partner with fine art printers, fabric printers, sewing studios, and sublimation print and manufacturing houses to make my designs available to you on a variety of exciting products and apparel!

My photography is printed for me by a local and trusted fine art print studio. For all other products, I have carefully chosen to work with specific manufacturing partners and printers. 2 are located in The US and in 1 located in Canada. They print my original artwork and graphics onto products, then drop ship my customer's order to them for me. In all cases, I trust their ethical business practices, their quality control processes, their timely shipping, and the superb reproduction quality of my artwork on the products they offer. I stand by the products that I choose to offer my photography and graphics on, that you the buyer may then purchase and enjoy.

How Long Will my Order Take to Ship and Arrive?

As soon as you complete your purchase, your order is submitted for fulfilment, by me, to the appropriate manufacturing partner, who will have access to my design in order to fulfil your product order. For most products, production time ranges from 3 - 8 business days. Once your product is ready to ship, I will be notified, and I will notify you as to the status of your shipment. Within the United States and in Canada, shipment time will range from 3 - 10 business days. Although your order is processed and shipped as quickly as possible, shipping carrier delays and customs delays (if applicable) can occur, yet rarely. Natural Design by Jocelyn does not guarantee specific arrival dates for shipments. Tracking will indicate the expected arrival date, but that date I am unable to 100% guarantee in every case. However, I will always keep you informed, either by providing a tracking # and carrier information, to my buyers, or by communicating with you about the status of your shipment. Please be aware that carrier or customs delays are out of my control.
I am unable to consider a shipment lost until the required time of 30 days since shipping the package has passed.

Will I Have to Pay Taxes and Duties on my Order?

There are varying factors which determine this. Please be aware that I the seller am unable to charge, collect, or pay for any customs fees, related postal carrier surcharge fees, nor taxes from my end. The only exception is Ontario, Canada buyers, you will be charged Ontario 13% HST at checkout on the total price of your purchase, and I then am required to remit this to our CRA. Depending on the product you order, that will determine where it ships to you from, US or Canada. As well, your location and country's import value thresholds will factor in to determining whether you will encounter customs duties or taxes due at your end. Please educate yourself through your Government's website, what your country's import allowed value before duties and taxes, are. The US, for instance, has a much higher threshold than the UK, which I believe is £15.00

In summary, any customs fees, duties, and taxes due at the buyer's end, upon receiving an order, are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Do You Accept Refunds?

Yes, I do, please see my Policy Page  for details.

Please feel free to Contact Me  with any unanswered questions if you did not find your answer in my FAQs!

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