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Flattering Women's Dresses

Women's DressesA selection of dresses, in stylish modern patterns and prints that I designed! From geometrics, to animal print, to modern abstract grunge style, there is something unique to add to your wardrobe. There are four different flattering styles to choose from, for a variety of builds and figures! A flowy a-line style, a tight fitting stretchy bodycon dress, a pretty feminine flare style, and a more straighter t-shirt style dress. Versatility is present, wear your dress casually or dress it up with a little bolero cut or knit jacket or blazer for the office!

Every dress purchased through my store, Natural Design by Jocelyn, is permanently and vibrantly printed, cut, sewn and shipped, on demand, either in Canada or from the USA.

See a pattern or print on another product or dress, that you love, but not on the dress that you want? Please feel free to contact me and I will make available the dress that you want with the design you desire!