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Accent with a Vibrant Soft Bath Mat

Bath Mats Mediterranean colours stripe and tile plush bath mat

Bath mats that you will love as they are plush and soft on the feet when stepping out of your shower or bath! Brilliant colours and patterns are available, to accent for every style and colour scheme in your home. Whether it is a guest powder room, or a main daily use bathroom you are shopping for, my varied collection will have a design and style you love!

Be a bit innovative, and use these comfy cozy mats as small little area foot mats in front of a kitchen counter and sink, beside your bed, or in front of a bathroom vanity. Soft on the toesies and warm on cold floors.

My colourful mats are made with high density memory foam, are a quick-drying foam core, and have a SBR non-skid backing. They come in three sizes. NOTE: Please make sure they are placed on a dry floor.

Please check back monthly for New Additions and Seasonal Features as well as the occasional coupon code!